CryoGen Fat Freezing and Inch loss Machine

How Does PureCryo Fat Freezing Inch Loss Work?

CryoGen “Fat Freezing” eliminates those stubborn areas of fat that diet alone can’t shift. Cryogenic Lipolysis can eliminate 20-40% of the fat layer in an area in a single treatment. This is combined with dual wavelength Laser Lipolysis, for all over body contouring and inch loss.

The revolutionary CryoGen “Fat Freezing” inch loss treatments leverage the proven principles of “Cryogenic Lipolysis”, also known as “Fat Freezing”. This selectively freezes the fat cells, killing them, but without harming any of the surrounding tissues!

CryoGen “Fat Freezing”

Faster treatment times with the CryoGen dual treatment heads and advanced controlled cooling
Amazing permanent inch loss
Kills the fat cells so they cannot be re-filled
Suitable for all skin types and over tattoos<
More cost effective than surgical alternatives
No downtime or recovery!
No need to exercise

CryoGen Fat Freezing can treat stomach, male breast, back, hips thighs/knees, buttocks and arms.

Please note that after treating one area you cannot treat again for 12 weeks. It takes 12 weeks to see full effects .


Dual Wavelength Laser Lipolysis operates at two distinct depths in the fat layer, for faster and more consistent inch loss results

CryoGen Laser Lipolysis

Faster treatment times with the CryoGen dual wavelength laser paddles
More comfort with greater power with built-in cooling
Pain free with no downtime or recovery
More cost effective than surgical alternatives

Laser Lipolysis treats stomach, arms male breast, back, hips, thighs/knees, buttocks, calves, chin , neck and cheeks.

Advantages of the CryoGen

Latest clinically developed and proven technology
Lower cost than surgical alternatives
Completely non-invasive
Fast treatment times
Pain free, no side effects or downtime
Highly effective, instant lasting results
Safe & Clinically proven technology

Fat Freeze - 1 Area£299Special offer £199
Fat Freeze - 2 Areas£598Special offer £300
Fat Freeze - 3 Areas£897Special offer £380
Fat Freeze - 4 Areas£1196Special offer £450