Firstly , anyone who knows me understands how much I love my job. I get asked on a regular basis why I enjoy intimate waxing. I think it is because I love the reactions from my clients after they experience their first wax, and what it means to my ladies to feel smooth and clean.

To help you understand what it means I will share a few of the reactions from clients after their treatment; “oh my, it feels like I have a cloud in my pants”, “I have never experienced such a smooth foo, “I can’t stop feeling myself” “ I can’t believe how I don’t have any hair growth for 3 weeks”, I am amazed that I am not in any pain after my treatment. “my partner is extremely happy, he loves your work” and the list goes on.

intimate waxing

Many of us have a pet name for our intimate area. During the last several years of intimate waxing I have heard some fabulous names. Some of my favourites are ; Fluff, Foo Foo, Lady Garden, Disco flaps, Vajayjay, Bearded Oyster, Vag, Honey Pot , muff, and many more, some far too rude to share!!!!! I recall one lady calling her intimate area “Tesco”, I obviously asked why, she replied because it’s open 24 hours!!!!

There will be many of you reading this thinking what on earth is this woman talking about. For many people , their experiences of waxing have not been very good and I have heard many awful waxing experiences from clients that come to me. They talk about severe reactions, excruciating pain, bruising etc. However, this is due to many salons still using warm wax instead of hot wax. Warm wax is a rigid wax which is pulled off with a strip, as such , it takes the top layer of the skin with it. This causes redness and pain, and that dreadful sticky residue on your skin which after a wax means that knickers are stuck to your body, and to be honest the whole experience is pretty unpleasant. THE GOOD NEWS is that Hot wax has changed the world of waxing. Hot wax is amazing, it wraps the hair up into the product, NO strips are used instead I pull the product off. Due to the quality of the wax and my several years as an intimate waxer, it pulls from the root but does not take the top layer of the skin with it. HOORAY!!

So, what happens when you come to me, how is this treatment carried out?

I will answer all the questions my ladies regularly ask before they have their first wax. One of the most common ones is “Will I have to go up on all fours?”, the answer is NO, NO NO. In my opinion this position is only needed in the bedroom, and is extremely personal. Therefore, in my treatment room, I do not ask you to do this! Instead that all important bottom hair is removed in a more diplomatic way . I ask my ladies , to lie on their stomachs and I kindly move each cheek to the side in order to achieve that gorgeous hair free bottom.

In order to remove hair from the front ladies will be given the option to wear gorgeous paper pants, this is a kinder way to ease newbies into the world of waxing. You will not be lying there with your legs ackimbo catching flies!!!

I ask instead that one leg is taken tot the side, closed and then same on the opposite side. The whole experience is bearable, I make my ladies feel  comfortable at all times. In addition, if you want to come with a friend to have the treatment I can accommodate. I often have  groups of girls and friends together in one room, the chocochino’s are being enjoyed, and during the odd “ouch” there is a lot of fun and laughter.

I am a  firm believer that we should all try something once, if you don’t like it then don’t do it again. However, don’t let the fear of the treatment put you off, I PROMISE YOU that you will feel liberated and you will never look at your lady friend in the same way again.

Say goodbye to the razors and embrace the  new you with the new Foo!

Other questions are ‘how long should my hair be before a wax’, in my opinion I would rather it be longer than too short. Obviously, I would not suggest you come in with plaits or bunchies , but if you did, I would trim and get straight to work!!! A lot of my ladies come in with hair that is a little too short which makes the experience longer and more difficult . I would suggest let it grow for 3-4 weeks from last shave to be safe.

The good news is generally ladies and men find that they get a good 3-4 weeks with no hair after a wax, and after a while clients find that they are able to go 6 weeks between waxes because hair growth slows down.

So, that’s the waxing out of the way, what design do we want? We have the Hollywood, Brazilian, Playboy, Dairylea or Bermuda, postage stamp, The Martini, so many decisions. Perhaps I will find some photos for my next blog to help you choose if you’re new to the world of intimate waxing xx

Happy Waxing 🙂